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August 9, 2006
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Veltona - Karitosa - Nirako by MidnightZero Veltona - Karitosa - Nirako by MidnightZero
Okay, The beast I have been working on for a while XD

Veltona: The Fire Beast
It's body tempture is really hot. It's almoast impossible to touch for some.
But it can feel if the person is a friend or foe. Is the perosn a friend, then it wont burn. But is the person a foe then it will give the person serius burn damage.
The blood is hot like magma and hard to exsamen and the teeth is hard like dimond.
The furr on the back is not really furr, it's a big flame that will burn intill it's time for the beast to die. But like a phoenix is often reborn straight away.

Karitosa: The Ice beast.
It's body tempture will sink alot when it's night so it must always move around to not freeze to death.
That's one of the problem it have to live with.
Because it's body tempture is so cold, everyting it steps on will freeze, It can even walk on water because the water freeze's under it's cold feet.
No one have ever solved the mystery with how it can still be alive with that body tempture, and no one ever will. It's hard to get a blood sample because of the hard skin it has. the only sensetive spot is have is it's mouth where it only have only a few teeth.

Nirako: The mystery Earth Beast
This beast is a mystery to some. It sometimes uses alot of diffrent elements. Some claim that the only reason it can use diffrent elements is that it have learnd how to control them. Others say that it must be a mix of diffrent beasts and that way can control some elements.
But Nirako rarely uses anything else then the Eath element. It dont even have the looks of other beasts. The natural colors on it makes it hard to belive that it uses other elements.
The long ears makes it possible for it to know if anyone is nearby before it have even seen anything. The fangs are sharp and can make deep cuts. But they are not built to kill. But the tail is, It's spiky and if it wants it can stabb someone.

**information of theese beasts may chance**

Meh, I write too much XD
Well Enjoy
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Fantastic designs, and so detailed :hug: :hug: :hug: I like the colors and info too ^^
Thank you Z! ;D :hug:
Welcome, MZ! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
ohhh :wow: dom ser välit COOLa ut och fina.. bra jort :)
middle ones my fav :D
but the top one has a coolblue firey/ spikey back :3
hehe, Mine too ;D
there cool :D good job on the colors.
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